Dive Into the Net: Advertising Models

Advertising Models

Advertisements are based on two criteria: Model and Scope. The advertising model determines the type of advertisement, such as a classified ad or web site of varying size. The Scope determines what level of the site it appears at. For example, a map icon might appear only at a local level map, such as a small town, or appear right on the highest level map for the province.

Model: How much information about your business do you wish to provide. A simple contact list, or a whole catalogue of services, features, photographs etc.?

Scope: How prominent of a placement do you wish to have within the site. Do you want everyone to come across your ad. or only those who are specifically looking for your business, or area?

Scopes are nested. That means if you purchase a provincial level map icon, it appears at every level below it.


Advertising Models
ModelWhat it Includes
Sponsorship High profile presence on site. Information density increased in sponsored areas. For example you could sponsor a photogallery of diving in your area. You are paying to create content within the framework of Dive-Into-the-Net and then capitalize on the increase in site activity.
Advanced Web Site Designed to suit need, priced accordingly**
Full Web SiteUp to five pages of Text, Five Pictures, Local Map, Business Logo, Map Icon**
Basic Web SiteTwo Pages of Text, Two Pictures, Local Map, Business Logo, Map Icon**
Enhanced Classified Ad100 words of text, ad appears in web site at appropriate level, no map presence
Basic Classified Ad.50 words of text, ad appears in text at appropriate level, no map presence
Address Book EntryBasic Address and Contact info in directory, included with any above service.

Advertising Scope
ScopeWhat it CoversTypical Business
NationalNewest Level of D.I.T.N.Scheduled for release soon.
ProvincialTop of Dive Into The NetWhen you want everyone in the province to know where your shop is. You feel your location can draw in visitors from the whole province.
RegionalTop of appropriate tourism regionThis level is the most economical in terms of placement vs. cost.
DistrictSub-division within a region, approximately 1-3 counties in sizeEconomy version of regional
AreaCounty sized divisions, approximately 1 hour drive across, similar in scope to yellow page areaIf your business primarily involves training and deals with only local customers.
LocalSingle town coverage


If you already have a website you may wish to link it into Dive-Into-the-Net but keep the website you currently have. We offer three forms of links. The price of the links vary according to the type and its Scope, that is where you wish to put the link in the site.

Type of LinkDescription
textStandard internet link for use on contact lists, and directory
map iconFlag icon placed on appropriate maps
Graphical iconsimilar to banner ad, a picture-link

**Domain Name Registration

None of the above services comes with a domain name. For example the domain name of this site is www.ontarioexplorer.com. If you wish to have a domain name such as www.myshop.com we can set this up for you. There are two fees associated with this DOMAIN NAME REGISTRATION currently $70 U.S. for two years, and DOMAIN HOSTING where an account that operates with this name is set up. We have packages as low as $15/month for this service.

Why would I want a domain name? In order to promote your website in conventional media. The name is short, memorable and permanently yours. For example suppose you took out a website www.localservice/myshop, and the localservice company goes bankrupt, suddenly that name is gone with it and you have a stack of business cards with a dead name. If, instead you had registered www.myshop.com you can keep that name and simply move the account to another service provider.

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