Dive Into the Net: Advertising Overview


Dive-Into-The-Net is an exploratory vehicle designed to lead visitors through the diving possibilities of Ontario as thoroughly as possible. A primary consideration in developing this site was to put the customer and business together. Advertising on this site is to be integrated into the presentation of each page, so that it becomes an essential stop for each visitor, rather than an encumbrance to the visitor.

Advertising is not confined to dive shops. Clubs, charter services, training facilities, hotels, restaurants, marinas, equipment suppliers, etc. may post advertisements here. The rates are highly flexible and will depend on the complexity of the page you wish designed. The rates will also vary with the nature of your business.

If you are a geographic business, such as a dive shop, your page is integrated into specific maps, as well as the site indexes. If your business is not site specific, (an example would be a regulator manufacturer) then you can choose an option of sponsoring a page in the site so your home page is more obvious. Dive clubs can be posted both on the maps and on a specific page designed to help divers find support services. If your dive club is affiliated with a school or university and is non-profit contact me and a link to your home page on the university's server will be provided at no charge.

If you are among several businesses in a local area that may be interested in my service we can arrange a group meeting where I can personally sit down with you. The design and set up fee will have a group discount under these circumstances.

Dive Into The Net was started in 1996. Ontario Explorer was launched in 1999 and covers all topics within the province. The newest platform is CanExplore which is the new national data base that will encompass all topics. Dive Into the Net is now contained within these platforms as a specialized service.

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