Dive Into the Net: Advertising Pricing

Basic Advertising

Type of AdvertisementDescriptionCost
Picture-Classified100 words of text in appropriate regional listing. Includes a thumbnail graphic of your choice or business logo [100x100]$200/annum
Enhanced Classified100 words of text in appropriate regional listing$100/annum
Basic Classified50 words of text in appropriate local listing$50/annum
Site DirectoryBasic Address/Contact info in global directory. Included with either option above$50 for two years

Web Sites

PlatinumCustom creation of all featuresvaries with design
GoldDomain Name Registration, Five Pages Text, Five Photographs, Appropriate Logos, Regional Map IconSetup $500 Yearly Maintenance $600
SilverAs above, no domain nameSetup $300 Yearly maintenance $200
BronzeOne to Two pages text, logo, one photograph, Regional Map IconSetup $150, Yearly maintenance $150
All of the above come with directory listings

Priority Map Icons

These icons are available as links to your web site, whether it is hosted by Dive Into the Net or if it is your own independent web site. The higher level map get seen by more visitors as they descend the map tree. The map icons are nested. For example a provincial icon also appears at the regional and local levels below.

TypeDescriptionCost per Year
NationalIn development$1000
ProvincialAppears on a provincial map of your choice$500
RegionalInterior to a province$150
LocalTown and City Scale$100
Great LakesSpecialized, tied to water body maps$150


The following link prices apply to businesses that already have their own web sites and wish to link into Dive-Into-the-Net

Type of LinkLocationCost
TextLocal Site Lists$100/year
Map IconsSee Above
Graphical IconsPlease Contact

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