Dive Into the Net: Our Benefits

Our Superiority

Value-Added Content

Dive Into The Net is content rich. We take over the job of providing the visitor with all the essential information about the possibilities in Ontario. We don't pass this job off to a links list. The site is designed to stand alone and keep the visitors within the site. A web site is basically an advertisement for your company. Dive Into the Net provides the content that both attracts visitors to your site, and ensures that the visit is meaningful.

Intuitive Design

Colautti Enterprises has designed Dive Into The Net to allow visitors to explore the province in the most natural way possible, geographically. People vacation in places. For any tourism site to be effective it must be more than an alphabetical list of links. Dive Into The Net uses a series of clickable maps supported by all the necessary tourism information to make your web site stand out. Instead of a topic-at-a-time approach or an alphabetical search they are presented with all the information about each region they visit. It is a holistic approach to tourism.

True Graphical Interface

Rather than rely on lists of places to visit, Dive Into The Net uses maps. People can manage far more information visually presented on a map than they can on a list. Consider that a typical map can show 100 towns and numerous lakes, highways, tourism attractions etc. without confusion. Yet a text list of the same items would be overwhelming.

No Intrusive Ads

None of the well-hated techniques of many web sites are used here. We do not employ pop up ads, click-throughs, bulk mail or any other aggressive form of promotion that is more likely to anger a potential customer than attract them.

Constant Marketing

Dive Into The Net is constantly being promoted and marketed. Many businesses get web pages that are built and then sit unchanged and quickly get forgotten. Dive Into The Net is always being updated and promoted, ensuring a continuous stream of visitors to the site

High Site-to-Ad Follow Through

Often called click-through this is a measure of how many people go from the supporting platform to the advertisements. This is not something that is measureable in any other advertising medium. Typically click-through rates are less than 1%. This is because the most common advertising method, the banner ad, produces constantly changing ads that are not necessarily related to site content. It is a highly criticized advertising model, and is not supported by Colautti Enterprises. Because Dive Into The Net was designed to lead visitors to the actual travel destinations, the click-through rate is very high. It is as high as 50%, and never falls below 5%. This is the proof that the design of Dive Into The Net is superior to other travel sites

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